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Bridal -

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are required. 

What should I expect from my appointment?

Bridal appointments typically last about an hour and a half. We assist you in selecting approximately 8-10 gowns to try on. We have slips for optimal gown shape/privacy and bustiers available upon request. We recommend wearing comfortable, neutral color undergarments (panties are required), a strapless bra where possible, and minimal to no makeup (lipstick).  

How do I make an appointment?

Navigate to the book online tab.  This is the best method to see real time availability. 

How many people can I bring with me to my appointment?

At this time we are allowing just 4 guests with the bride. We are happy to accomodate zoom or facetime sessions with others.


What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are all accepted along with cashiers check or personal check. We are able to split between cards if necessary. All purchases must be paid in full, unless an item is put on layaway in which case at least 1/3 of the total is required. All special-order gown payments are required in full before the special order will be placed.

After my order is placed for my wedding gown, how long will it take to arrive?

Average shipping takes 4 to 6 months, depending on the designer and the type of gown (bridal, mothers). Currently shipping and supply chain issues are happening.  Shopping for your gown 9-12 months before your wedding will allow you the largest selection.  Custom changes to special order gowns also increase shipping time. Most designers have rush shipping options, although not all gowns qualify and will need to be checked when in the store.  Gowns off the rack are available too.

Am I allowed to take pictures?

We allow you to take pictures and video, as it is a great way to compare your favorite gowns. We recommend limiting your photos to your favorites, so as not to become overwhelmed when reviewing photographs. Pictures taken with a cell phone do not always present the gowns perfectly.  So if you are between two or three gowns we recommend returning to try on.  Keep in mind when choosing a gown how you feel when you are in the gown is very important.  

How do you determine what size I will wear?

Every designer cuts differently and no gown will be cut perfectly to your shape right off the bat. In terms of special order gowns, your stylist will take your measurements (bust, waist, hips) over your undergarments and compare them to the designer size chart of the gown you have selected. This ensures the best fit in the gown you will order. We will recommend your size based on the designer’s size chart, but the final selection is always yours. If you measure between sizes, it is always best to go with the largest measurement as the gown can be taken in with alterations.  If you order too small there may not be enough extra fabric in the seams to let out.  The "off the rack" gown you fall in love with will be yours to take home on the day of your appointment so any alterations will be done directly to the gown. The same rule applies, it is always better to have a bit more fabric than too little when selecting these gowns for alterations purposes.


Do you accept returns?

No.  All sales are final. This final sales policy is consistent with the bridal industry standard. 


What are the price ranges of the gowns that you sell?

Wedding gowns range from $1300-$2500. Mother’s gowns range from $550 to $1500. Payment in full is required to place your special order.

Do you dry clean and preserve gowns?

We offer professional dry cleaning and preservation services. Please contact us for pricing regarding cleaning/preserving your gown.

Do I need an appointment to shop for Mothers or Special Occasion Gowns?

Appointments are required for all services.

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